Changing operational frequency pushbutton transmitter

Changing channels is unavoidable if in near area another system is working on close frequency.

Every system has 8 of all 69 predetermined channels from the band, which are able to be changed by operator, using available buttons. Operator changes channels in the transmitter, Receiver tunes automatically to the selected channel. To change channels in transmitter, operator must follow instructions writen below.

-  turn transmitter off with the key

-  press the STOP button

-  attach supply to the transmitter (turn on the key-switch)

-  press button (f)  or turn joystick to  (f)  position

-  while pressing  (f)  press “START” (P2) button

-  transmitter will inform operator with sound and flashing green LED indicator, on which of 8 channels transmitter is operating. Quantity of sound signals (from 1 to 8) signalizes number of channel. To change the channel to next press the (+f,p)  button or push joystck to (+f,p) position. The alteration will be signalized by adequate number of sound- signals. Every pushing of (+f,p)  button causes in changing the channel to next. After reaching eighth channel, pushing (+f,p)  will cause in passing into the first channel and it will be indicated in single sound- signal.

-  after choosing adequate channel, pull out the STOP button- it causes saving chosen channel by transmitter.

- when all instructions are done it is possible to start operating the transmitter with START button on newly chosen channel.

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