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IREL has been designing and producing radio remote control systems since 1995.

We are producer of radio remote control systems located in Poland

Our products are the result of many years of experience

One of our main goals is to improve safety in the workplace by providing remote controls that facilitate the work of the operator

We have produced over 9,000 remote control systems

Apart from the Polish market, we deliver our systems to countries such as: France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Italy, Netherlands and others

We are in a continuous process of developing our laboratory and machine park

About company

IREL has been designing and manufacturing industrial remote control systems since 1995. At first, systems were using infra-red path, then we changed our systems to radio devices. The result of more than ten years of experience and analyzing market requirements was the introduction of a new series remote control system R25 in year 2006. Remote control transmitters (remote controls) offers a modern, ergonomic design, high reliability and resistance to shock, which makes them usable in heavy duty conditions. R25 systems can be equipped with such feautures as relay programming functions, time delays, analogue outputs (proportional- voltage, current and PWM), this functions made possibility to use systems in any devices that require remote control, such as gantry cranes, cranes, concrete pumps, mobile platforms, handling, repair trains and other.

Our offer includes five transmitter models characterised by various housing sizes. Housings are made of high-quality glass filled polyamide, which is resistant for impact, various chemicals and harsh environment. Wall thickness and shape of edges ensures high mechanical resistance. Electronic components are supressed from shocks inside the housing and protected against environmental influences with an appropriate chemical sealant. We use only high-quality components of reliable and reputed companies. Our own assembly line for SMD components and our 3d design and assembly compartment allows us to quickly respond to special needs of our Customers. All manufactured systems are strictly tested during production and at the end of production process. We provide complete advice and professional support for our users.

In May, 2016, the company participated in the CEMAT fair in Hannover.

In 2017 IREL company has implemented and applies the quality management system conformable with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2015.

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We design and manufacture industrial remote control systems.

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